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Mr. River

Mr. River came to us from Heart and Soul Dog and Cat Rescue Society. He helped wrap up our 2020 nicely by joining us just after Christmas.

He had been found on the highway with a fractured leg and 3 bullets in him. One of which is still in his belly. He is now happy and healthy, and a little shy. He is slowly coming out of his shell here at the clinic. He loves a good chin scratch and belly rub.


Mama came to us in January 2013 when she was left on our doorstep in a broken down crate. Upon bringing her in we realized...she was pregnant! To our luck, we had an ultrasound specialist coming in that day to the hospital. The ultrasound showed us 4 kittens. One day in early February, she started going into labour - she had 4 lovely kittens! When we came in the next day, to our surprise, she had 3 more! Sadly, one did not survive. She was a very protective and loving mother - hence her name! Her kittens stayed with us until they were old enough to be adopted out.

Since then Mama has been very happy staying here at South Point, and has become very well known to our clients! She can usually be found in one of her 3 favourite spots: on a chair in the Comfort Room, the top tier of the cat tree in the lobby, or "helping" the girls in reception by sitting in front of the computers with them!

 We are happy to report that Mama is now living with Cathy!

Tyson (RIP)

At South Point Pet Hospital we work with the Surrey SPCA to ensure their cats and dogs are spayed or neutered and tattooed prior to adoption. We also see SPCA animals needing veterinary assessments or treatment.

This is how we met "Tyson" in 2006 when he was 8 months old. He was hit by a car and the SPCA brought him to us for care. We determined that Tyson would need to stay with us for treatment. His x-rays revealed that his lower left hind leg was severely dislocated and would require amputation. After such a major surgery, we knew it would take time him time to adjust to missing the limb. Since he had such a great personality and seemed to get along quite well with our clinic cat, we decided that he would stay with us and remain in the care of our hospital.

Sadly, on May 25th 2015, Tyson passed away suddenly due to complications from a thromboembolism. For nine years Tyson was a huge part of our clinic and he is missed daily. We could not have asked for a better mascot. He loved all the attention and treats provided to him by everyone that came into our clinic.

Tyson we will always miss the jingle of your collar as you ran around the clinic, your impatient meow when you wanted food or treats, your hugs and kisses, and your sweet spirit.

Rest in peace, little man.