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Lucy, a patient at our hospital since 2006, came to us one day in March of 2013 with a lump on her lip. Dr. Grubac diagnosed the lump as a basal cell tumor – a growth that does not typically spread. Dr. Grubac and Lucy’s owners decided not to surgically remove the lump, due to its size and location on Lucy’s face. Lucy was also 16 at the time, which was another major concern for surgery. The lump was deemed more of a nuisance than anything to be too concerned about.

Lucy continued to come for regular visits over 2 years, where we would check the lump and drain the fluid. The lump filled with more and more fluid slowly over time, getting to a point where Lucy didn’t want to eat and the owners were very concerned. Dr. Grubac decided that we should try to surgically remove the lump and the owners agreed.

Just as we hoped, the surgery was a huge success! We are so happy to report that, now at 18 years old, Lucy is back to her normal happy and healthy self (and enjoying being able to eat properly)! Although we miss not seeing Lucy as frequently anymore, we could not be happier at the outcome of her story.

Before Surgery                                                                                         After Surgery



2 Months Later